Frequently Asked Questions

Are you currently looking for Independent Field Inspectors?
Yes. For additional information and opportunities, click here.

What exactly does the role of Field Inspector entail?
The role of Field Inspector is to provide fulfillment services for an assortment of interior and exterior property observation surveys, replacement cost valuations, real estate property inspections, and digital photography services to the insurance and real estate industries.

What types of technology must I have to work with JMI Reports?
You are required to own or have access to a Windows based computer system, digital camera, and high speed internet connection.

Can I register if I do not currently meet the minimum technology requirements?
Yes. As long as you agree to purchase the items prior to accepting your first assignment with us. This must be communicated to us in your initial interview.

Do you offer any support programs or assistance if I am a technology newbie?
Yes. Telephone and web-based orientation sessions are available for “Approved” Inspection Vendors, and are scheduled accordingly by your respective Field Supervisor.

What type of employment opportunities do you offer? 
We have full-time and part-time Independent Contractor partnerships available.

How many assignments can I expect to receive on a weekly or monthly basis? 
In most cases, this opportunity is meant to supplement your existing income. How many assignments you receive depends solely upon the volume in your geographic area. However, if you are located in major metropolitan area or suburb, your earning potential generally increases, and may ultimately translate into a primary source of income.

What are your standard product turn times?
Standard product turn times for Insurance services range from 14-21 days.

What days and hours can inspections be completed?
JMI inspections can be completed Monday through Saturday from 9am to 6pm. Interior appointments can be scheduled outside this time frame if suggested by the homeowner to accomodate thier schedule.

How much money will I earn as a Field Inspector? 
Our standard fee schedule ranges from $8 to $15 per report for our traditional Dwelling Observation products, while our High/Mid-Value products range from $30 to $122. A wide assortment of additional supplements and photographs are also available for completion along with these product lines. We also provide performance-based incentive programs which are tied directly to the timely return of our assignments. Our fee scales increase accordingly based on the distance the assignment is located from a major metro region. The fee schedule we offer for services rendered are not solely based upon physical geographic location, but on the overall scope and complexity of the task assigned.

What can I expect to earn on a yearly basis?
Depending on your geographic location and the volume of inspections, full-time inspectors could earn an average of $30-$40K per year.

How are territories assigned?
The Field Supervisor for your respective state is fully responsible for assigning territories and volumes. Individual territories are assigned based upon inspection volumes, performance, and turn times, and are based upon either a radius distance from your home base, by county, or by zip code.

Why do I need to provide my Automobile Insurance policy information?
JMI Reports requires that all applicants provide the name and policy number of their Auto insurance, to show proof of insurance coverage. Ultimately, you are personally liable for any damage should you hit a fence, vehicle, or person when out performing inspections. This info is passed on to our client in the event of an incident.

Am I required to maintain E&O Insurance Coverage?
No. Individual E&O insurance is not required to register with JMI but it is your own option.

Am I able to subcontract my assignments to multiple employees or vendors?
No. Unfortunately, this type of relationship is no longer available. .

How do I turn in completed work?
All orders completed for JMI Reports are required to be delivered electronically via our web-based workflow system known as WRDS.

Can I use the Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser with your system?
Our site is optimized for Microsoft-based browser technologies. Chrome and other web browsers do not currently support these Microsoft technologies, and there are known incompatibility issues. It is required that you utilize Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (version 6.x or greater) to access our web-based workflow system.

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